Los Angeles is truly one of the most amazing places on the planet. With this in mind, it is quite unrealistic to expect to visit all the places of interest in any single tour. However, imagine you had a single weekend to see LA. You could lock yourself in a room and lament over all the things you will never see, or you could go out and do 5 things that would make your LA weekend completely unforgettable.

  1. Seeing Hollywood

Of course, some would claim that we see Hollywood every time we turn on the TV, however not many people have the opportunity to see it with their very own eyes. There are so many things you can do here, like go to the Walk of Fame, visit a famous studio, take a picture next to the Hollywood sign or even get a haircut from Ryan Gosling’s own barber. The world is your oyster and LA is your playground, beaming with possibilities. In the end, while walking the streets of Hollywood, you never know who you might meet.


  1. Visiting MOCA

Hollywood (although a great place) is not the only culture related thing in LA. There is so much more there to see and one of the things you definitely cannot afford to miss is visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). There are three venues across the city, with the main building being situated in downtown LA. Because of its significance for regional art, some of the most mesmerizing pieces in North America are exhibited there. Visiting MOCA during your LA weekend should definitely be near the top of your list.

Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles Ca

  1. A wild night out

Naturally, what would an LA weekend be without a wild and memorable night out? In order to get as much out of your LA nocturnal life as possible, it would be a shame to spend an entire evening in a single place. Start off your night in a quiet and relaxed bar like the Won O’Seven bar and then proceed to some of the wildest LA clubs, like Boulevard3. This should more or less encompass all that one can ask for in a Los Angeles night. As far as nightlife goes, LA is definitely second to none.

City Lights

  1. Watching an NBA game

For a sports enthusiast there is nothing better than being able to attend a proper NBA game. It is not even an opinion, but a cold hard fact that the National Basketball Association is a head and shoulders above any other basketball league in the world. Luckily for you, LA is home to one of the greatest teams in the history of this sport – the LA Lakers. Originally from Salt Lake City, this team quickly came to be a symbol of both Los Angeles (its new home) and the entire NBA. Its top notch players like Kobe Bryant, Roy Hibbert and Nick Young are what guarantees that every Lakers game is a spectacle. This is why it is always a good idea to check out the LA Lakers schedule before planning your trip to LA.

Kobe Bryant

  1. A traditional American meal

Located on 800 W Olympic Blvd, Yard House is one of the best places to have a traditional American meal in LA (probably even in California). Food here is simply amazing and their BBQ chicken pizza is something that you simply must try at least once in your life. When it comes to drinks, it is hard to tell what is more impressive, the wide choice or extremely affordable prices. First of all there are more than 180 different types of beer on tap and the price of a pint is only $3.50. As for wine, the prices go as low as $2 for a glass.

Steve's B-day 2011 - Yard House

In the end, where there is a will there is always a way. Even though you cannot experience all there is in LA in just one weekend, no period of time is too short to have a great time in this amazing city. The most important thing is that you plan your itinerary well, and spring into action as soon as your feet hit the ground at LAX.