Visiting Sydney is one of those things you simply have to do, especially if you are big on exotic places and countries. Australia is nothing like any other country you’ve seen before – its charm, purity, the perfect balance between (semi) unspoiled flora & fauna and modern-day life style will capture your heart entirely and forever. From wild sand dunes to rich skyscrapers, Sydney’s all about that amazing juxtaposition of nature and modernity and there’s something for everyone.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should visit this gorgeous city in the Land Down Under:

Beaches everywhere

Good news for all the sea and sun lovers – Sydney features so many top beaches that it will be hard for you to ever leave them. Palm Beach is definitely one of the most gorgeous ones, at least if you are going with some friends or alone. For a family thing, Clovelly Beach is probably the best choice.

Fooooooooooood, yum! sydney

Sydneysiders love their food and they are not afraid to say it. Unlike Brits who have originally brought about the “culture” of fish and chips to this land, Sydneysiders have made a few changes in the dish. For instance, for them it’s strictly squeezed lemon and mayonnaise instead of the vinegar thing – they simply won’t have it.

Apart from this dish, Sydney features plenty of national cousins so you can enjoy specials crafted by virtually any nation – from delicious sushi to suvlaki to Indian Food and plenty others. If you need to save up, opt for a well-made pie with mashed potato and mushy peas, absolute heaven.

As for having coffee in Sydney, we’d have to recommend Kawa cafe in trendy Surry Hills for everyone who is up for a consistently excellent cup of this black beverage.

Fashion imitates life

In Sydney, everything is chill and happy, and the fashion imitates it. Bohemian cuts, flowy dresses, chic tops with fabulous cutouts, florals and other great prints, braids, messy hair, natural palette… everything that speaks of the ease and loveliness of this wonderful city.

Sydney nightlife is everything

If you’ve heard stories about nightlife, they were all true… well, probably. A lot has been said about it and for a good reason too. For a huge city like Sydney is, it is no surprise that there are variety of night clubs, pubs, hidden gems, party places and chill sites to go to and see. There’s plenty of entertainment for those who aren’t into public displays, too   Red Door Agency from Sydney had an increased number of clients that come to them for some amazing fun and exhilarating experiences. Sydney is so open-minded and cool that virtually anything flies.

The music is somewhat RAVE, RAVE, and more RAVE but you’ll also find a lot of r&b clubs, hiphop gigs and plenty of pop places. For some chill time, opt for blues and jazz pubs which are nothing but amazing! And, when you get in the mood for a glass of Aussie chardonnay – go to a rooftop terrace which will provide you with comprehensive views of the city skyline. sydney

There is plenty of free stuff to do

Even if you are not big on nightlife, that doesn’t mean you’ll stay shorthanded. In Sydney, you’ll find so much stuff to do during the day that won’t know what to do first. After talking to locals (and later visiting the same spots they’ve suggested), we’ve found out that “in the centre of Sydney there is a wonderful park called the Botanical Gardens which links nicely to the leafy suburb of Paddington a few miles away. The reason: fruit bats. The grey-headed flying fox likes to hang out (literally) in both places”. It’s so fun to see them roost all day in the trees at the Botanical Gardens only to notice them fly out at twilight to feast on the fruit trees in Paddington.

The wildlife of Sydney is stunning –  cacophonous cockatoos, twirling lorikeets and even water dragons… To experience this wondrous collection of wildlife first hand – go to the Botanical Gardens in the heart of the city. There are fabulous views of the Opera House, the city and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.