So, you are planning a trip for the holidays? Well, so is everyone else. This leads us to a conclusion that eventually you’re going to be stuck in traffic (if you’re traveling by car or a bus) or that your flight might get delayed. We usually survive short journeys without any trouble, but what about those long journeys and that numb feeling from sitting for hours? These following tricks will help you to survive long rides in a car, bus, train, or even long flights!

Watch What You Consume and How Much You Intake

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If you are traveling by plane into a different time zone, be very careful of what you consume. Studies have shown that food rich with carbohydrates, like pasta or wheat bread, helps you with jet lag. High levels of insulin in these foods ease the transition from one arrangement of feeding and sleeping onto the other one.

  • But, do not be greedy. Eat only one meal before your travel and plan what will you eat on the road, in order to avoid getting sick.
  • You do not need alcohol. Bear in mind that, despite the fact that alcohol can raise you up at the beginning, you will definitely feel dehydrated and hungover later. Not to mention that it can happen you getting drunk too much and forgetting that you are not alone on that plane or bus.
  • Make sure you drink enough water. Although the amount of water that we need to intake into our bodies is not prescribed, nutritionists advise that during long trips, especially in summer time, we should drink more water than usual. So, leave the whiskey at home and bring enough water with you!

 Choose Your Seat Wisely

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The best seats are certainly those that give you enough room for your legs, but they are usually reserved for families or important passengers. You should know that seats which were reserved in advance can be available 24 hours before the flight if the passenger who reserved them canceled its flight. So, before the flight, always check whether some of these seats are available.

Charge Your Smartphone

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Your best ally in shortening a long journey is your smartphone, so do not forget to charge it. Fill it with music, films, and different applications like quizzes or maybe some Sudoku games.  When you arrive at your destination, you will be surprised by how quick it was.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

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On those long trips, you always have enough time to sleep at least once, so you should wear comfortable clothing. Also, bring a toothbrush and toothpaste with you because you will surely want to freshen up before the landing.

Have Patience

The most important thing that you need to have on a long journey is patience. Prepare for the fact that it is going to be a long trip and that you will be “cut off” from the world for some time. Try to enjoy your journey as well as the destination to which you are going to.