Regardless of the latest trends, long, voluminous and beautiful hair is always fashionable. It is a sign of femininity, unmatched elegance, and vitality. However, growing long hair takes time and patience.

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Still, every girl can fulfil her dream of having long and beautiful tresses by sticking to a few simple rules, and here they are.


Cut ends more often

It might sound contradictory, but scissors are your long hair’s best friend. Dry ends are prone to splitting, and not only does broken and damaged hair look unhealthy, but it also takes more time to grow.

Make it a habit to get a trim at least once every two months. If you do it often, then the hairstylist does not need to cut more than a half inch. On the other hand, if you go without trimming for a longer period of time, the split ends will make their way up the hair and you will need to have much more of it cut off.

Save the haircuts for the end of the summer, when your hair is seriously damaged by the sun. Make sure you entrust your hair to a professional, since improper cutting can damage the structure of the hair.


Care for your scalp

Scalp is the foundation of healthy and strong hair. A gentle scalp massage with a serum, essential oils, or even a shampoo, stimulates circulation and promotes better hair growth. Treat your hair to a hot oil massage with olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil or castor oil, at least once a week.

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The hair care products should be adjusted to your hair type, and it is extremely desirable to use mild natural products that contain no harmful synthetic ingredients. Organic hair products are particularly good for hair growth and strength. Celebrities, like Miranda Kerr, use organic coconut oil to stimulate hair growth.


Over-washing is dangerous

If you are washing your hair more than 3 times a week, please reconsider. Over-washing your hair will eliminate the natural oils from it and make it dry and more prone to breakage.

If your hair is really greasy and you cannot go more than 2 days without washing it, try dry shampoos. They are much less aggressive than the conventional shampoos. Just spray some shampoo on your roots and massage it into the scalp. Dry shampoo will add volume to your hair too. Dry conditioners will save you even more time, and save the moisture in your hair. If your ends are looking dry, mist any dry conditioner on them and leave it on.


Beauty comes from within

Nutrition greatly affects the appearance of the hair, so take care of what you eat. Protein improves the elasticity of hair, while biotin, vitamin A, vitamin E and folic acid boost your hair’s growth. Therefore, include plenty of eggs, meat, fish and yogurt in your diet.

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Sufficient amounts of hair-strengthening vitamin B and calcium are ensured through intake of dairy products and green vegetables, as well as calcium supplements. Do not forget to drink enough water.


Say ‘no’ to styling

Do not comb your hair every day, and never comb your hair while it is wet. Avoid elastics, styling gels and hair straighteners. Do not wear high ponytails, except on rare and special occasions. Pulling your hair back will cause fragile hairs to break.

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Also, let your hair air dry whenever possible. Make it your own rule not to use a blow dryer and curling iron on two consecutive days. Stay away from hair dyes no matter what.

Are you growing your hair? How do you treat it?