If a place is very dangerous and there is something there that can threaten your life, you will not go there, right? Well, not really. Even though some places have record number of reports of tourists being hurt, killed, robbed or badly treated in any way, people still want to go there and explore that place. When you look back throughout the human history, man has always had the need to explore exotic, dangerous and unknown places. It seems that this desire persists in many tourists nowadays, as well. Anyway, here are the most dangerous places that you can choose as your touristic destination.

Central African Republic

Dzanga Sangha Natural Reserve and the waterfalls of Boali are among the lovely touristic attractions of the Central African Republic. However, this may easily be the most dangerous place to visit. The constant political turmoil and wars with the surrounding countries make it hard to guarantee safety for anybody. Many countries do not even have their embassies there.


The rich architecture and culture, as well as the vibrant markets and buys everyday life are to be seen in Lagos. The ancient history and the heritage that provokes admiration are situated in Badagry. The glorious Zuma rock and wonderful wildlife are waiting in Nigeria. However, all these touristic gems are taken even further from the average tourists because of the scams, robbery and violence that threatens tourists. You should always check the tourist warnings before going there.


Gorgeous country like Guatemala should be on the list of every world traveler who wants to explore the amazing culture and wonderful nature. It is true for all men, but women should be careful. It is highly advisable not to visit Guatemala if you are a woman travelling alone. Guatemala ranks 3rd by the murder of women in the world. In every other aspect, it is quite safe. The only other reason for a tourist to be careful in Guatemala is the food or the allergies that can happen because you are not aware of all the ingredients in the local dishes. It is important to be prepared for these situations. You need to have your emergency care plan ready at all times.


While in other countries, people may be attacked or robbed, Tunisian hotels in Sousse reasons were targeted for the attacks. 30 tourists were killed during those attacks. This is reason enough for tourists to avoid going to this otherwise beautiful country. However, if you still want to give it a try, make sure that you know all the details about the safety situation in the parts where you plan on going.


It is very obvious why somebody would love to come and see Libya. There are five UNESCO World Heritage sites there including Leptis Magna. However, since the political unrests and the overthrow of Gadhafi, Libya has not regained the stability that can guarantee safety. There is a danger of kidnaping and even executing of foreign tourists.

Ukraine/Russia Border

The Eastern part of Ukraine, near the Russian border is currently undergoing turbulent times and unrests that are on the brink of civil war and even an international conflict. The areas that should be avoided are Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkiv and Crimea. The unfortunate situations led one of the most beautiful parts of Ukraine to be unavailable for tourists. Crimea peninsula is a true gem of mountains, lush vegetation, great beaches, amazing castles and breathtaking architecture.

It is hard to stop somebody from going somewhere they have always wanted to go, even if the situation is far from perfect. However, some of the warnings on these destinations may inspire you to reconsider the timing and the precise location of your next touristic destination.