Today, there are myriads of skin care products, it seems, at the first glance, that it is quite simple to find one product for everyone. That is far from being true. That multitude is making it even harder to see clearly what the best brands are. Sometimes, we simply need the help from a reputed expert and Sarah Wilkinson is the right person for that. The skin expert specialized in anti-ageing and acne, Wilkinson has, using her expertise, developed a skin care line of her own – Skin Matrix. What makes this line and the very brand so special?

The Name behind the Game

The very name of Sarah Wilkinson should be enough to make us buy the whole line of the products right now. She founded the clinic Skin Matrix over a decade ago and since then, she has been using various products to improve the quality of her clients’ skin. The years of experience and the will to promote and use other people’s products (Aspect, Cosmedix, Osmosis and Societe) if they work is what separate Wilkinson from the competition. Also, her constant desire of educating herself, which led to development of her own line, is making us hope for even more in the future.

The Philosophy behind the Name

The basic philosophy of the Skin Matrix brand is not “throwing” all-skin types products on people just for the sake of money, but encouraging them to understand their skin and to use that knowledge to choose their own products. Gentle treatments with powerful results are the goal of Skin Matrix line. That is done by combining the best of Mother Nature’s work with advanced scientific formulations in order to achieve a healthier and better looking skin.

The Skin Clinic Treatments
skin matrix treatment

Consultations and skin treatments can be booked either in Adamstown or Bondi Junction, Newcastle. There are many different skin treatments you can decide for in this clinic – from facial therapies to skin needling. The clinic offers some quick “pick me up” procedures which can be done during lunch hour and still give amazing results. Led Photo Therapy is another popular treatment in Skin Matrix clinic. It is done by producing and diffusing a uniform light and thus regenerating and healing the skin. Some of the other available procedures are IPL rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, facial peels and CACI treatments.

Skin Matrix Products

Experts from Skin Matrix know that healthy skin requires natural, healthy and nurturing ingredients enriched with minerals and vitamins for the best results. Skin Matrix products are just what your skin needs, especially if it is irritated, imbalanced, damaged or tired. The line is focused on recharging and refreshing your skin at a cellular level creating a basis for everlasting beauty. The wide range of Skin Matrix products includes serums, make up removers, cleansers, masks, scrubs, facial oils and moisturisers. Many of the products are packed with anti-aging ingredients and CoQ10 which has amazing powers of cellular recharging.

How to Get the Skin Matrix Products?

Sarah Wilkinson uses her products during the treatments, so it is the easiest to get them directly from their maker. If you want to use them at home you can acquire some in the very clinic or order them via online store. If you are new to Skin Matrix, try booking a consultation or at least consult Sarah Wilkinson online (the website is giving you that possibility) to achieve the best possible results. The delivery in Australia is quick and efficient. Depending on the price and the amount, you can have the delivery guy knocking at your door in one to seven business days.

skin matrix products

To conclude – Skin Matrix is the brand you can trust and, after all, that is the most important thing in choosing your skin care products.

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