Australia is not just a beautiful country, it is a place of many hidden adventure. As such, it is a proper jewel to some of world’s greatest thrill seekers. If you count yourself as one of them, visiting this amazing continent is a definite must. This being said here are some of the best adventure activities you can encounter on your voyage to and through Australia.

Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge

When people think of Sydney they either think about Opera House or Harbour Bridge. Now imagine a situation where, whenever someone mentions Sydney Harbour Bridge, you reflect how you once stood at the top of it. There are numerous tours which allow tourists to climb to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge. Considering the height of the thing, this touristic activity can most definitely be considered as a genuine adventure.

Climbing the Skypoint

Skypoint is an amazing open climb building that stands as a beacon of the incredible Gold Coast. However, since the height is quite formidable, this ascent is not something anyone could do. After a while, every single step starts requiring more and more courage and once you finally reach the top, your heart will be filled with adrenaline. However, a single gaze upon these incredible landscapes that stretch bellow will be worth all this effort.

Surfing in Surfers paradise

On the other hand, sightseeing doesn’t have to be the only reason for you to make this climb. Your adventure might also be of scouting character. From the top of this tower you will be able to spot a perfect place for your surfing endeavor as well. Speaking about adventure activities, it doesn’t get any more interesting than surfing. Just get all the gear you may require for this endeavor and bask in the amazing view and sensation that open ocean clear sky and summer breeze have to offer.

Great Ocean Road Cycling Tour

For a real life adventurist, there is no better companion than his or hers bike. Because of this, one of the most incredible tours they could undertake in Australia is the Great Ocean Road cycling tour. Traveling next to the most beautiful coastline you are ever likely to encounter. Cycling next to lush rainforests some of the last untouched in the world. Last but not the least, visiting simple Australian settlements alongside the road are all but a tip of an iceberg of all that this tour can become. Unfortunately, this kind of trip may be quite exhausting for many people since there is a lot of road ahead. Luckily, where there is a will there is always a way and by getting one of those amazing electric bikes from retailers in Australia might make this quite simple indeed.

Daintree Rainforest Zipline

One more thing that you must put on your bucket list is to undertake a genuine zip-lining at least once in your life. In Australia, the best place to try your hand in this would most definitely be in a Daintree Rainforest. Not only will this put your courage and resolve to the test but also allow you to enjoy in full grace of a rain forest, one of our planets greatest gifts. Zip-lining here is quite popular so don’t be surprised to find a Daintree Rainforest beaming with tourists.

Whitsunday island diving

Finally, if you always wanted to go diving, Australia is one of the best places on Earth for you to be. All around the continent, there are so many beautiful spots for this incredible activities, but one does definitely stand out. Whitsunday island diving is a diving haven and as such a must-visit on your trip to Australia. After all, as crab Sebastian from The Little Mermaid (1989) once said himself, life is sweet under the sea.

As you can see, for those interested in sightseeing and those on a quest for adrenaline, Australia is a dream come true. Simply compose your own list of all the things you need to do there and then just spring into action to make it all come true.